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The solution to help you redefine the call center experience for your customers and optimise your personnel resources

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of any company’s success – from the financial sector to insurance through to healthcare or the public sector. No matter which industry your company is rooted in, customers expect high-quality and above all timely service when contacting your call center.

The Automatic Call Transfer developed by Swisscom using Cloud Contact Center links your call center specialists with a virtual call center regardless of their location. If a customer contacts the destination number of an agent while he or she is busy, the call is automatically forwarded to the next free agent. This significantly reduces the customer’s waiting time, as calls are answered promptly and the customer’s call is not forwarded several times.

If your call center should become unavailable, it is possible to activate an immediate fallback solution (CCC Backup as a standby system). This allows you to continue to meet customers’ needs in the event of a system failure.

Your expert

Stefan Koch

Specialised Sales Value Added Services

Increase your accessibility and optimise your use of available resources

call distribution

The solution can be operated with any conventional Internet browser on any device.

Real-time monitoring
and reporting

You benefit from regular, detailed monitoring and reporting on incoming customer enquiries.

data management

Your data is managed according to the highest Swisscom security standards in specially designed data centers in Switzerland.


Keep your infrastructure

Integrate this solution without changing your existing systems and infrastructure.

Avoid tying up capital

Any further developments can be covered by leasing solutions.

Increase your agility in the market environment

New specialists can be easily integrated and new locations can be put into operation quickly.

The solution at a glance

The following presentation provides an overview of the functional structure of the Swisscom Cloud Contact Center.

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