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Customer Interaction Management

Contact center, call center and premium video solutions: Your success factors for inspirational customer interaction

Swisscom’s contact center, call center and premium video solutions and services are based on non-industry-specific end-to-end customer interaction solutions, beginning with advice and ranging from setup to 24/7 operation. As a general contractor, we provide support for projects at both national and international level. In the case of both standardised and customer-specific services, our customers specify whether they would like to have/use the solutions and services from the high-availability Swisscom Cloud or on their own premises.

Our experienced team of experts, who have a proven record in the field, helps customers from the design stage through to the rollout of the solution.

Your expert

Fernand Escofet

Sales Consultant

Overview of the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) portfolio.

To learn more about the individual solutions, click on the terms in the right half of the graphic. Our experts are on hand should you wish to contact them; this contact is non-binding.

Improve your end customers’ experience and make your core business easier for your employees.


Your employees become more agile and have more time for individual customer enquiries.


You receive a Contact Center solution tailored precisely to your needs.


You benefit from in-depth, end-to-end expert knowledge gained over many years.


According to the  Gartner Rankings by placing your trust in Swisscom, you can count on a worldwide market-leading product portfolio.

Customer Interaction Management from Swisscom

Watch the video below and see how Swisscom can provide you with optimum support for your call center and contact center needs.


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