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Organising mobile customer interaction and business relationships

Mobile business




Mobilising marketing, sales and service activities – with innovative smartphone and tablet solutions

A majority of the Swiss now use a smartphone, and around a quarter of them surf the internet using a tablet. Their wide, ever-increasing distribution and the close connection of the devices to their owners make them ideal channels for marketing, sales and services, and this is what customers and business partners want. They want to be able to use their smartphones and tablets when shopping in stores, to get information or conduct mobile transactions.

Examples of how sales can be improved and made more efficient with the help of mobile technologies include virtual sales advisers and a mobile customer service.

They explain the properties and advantages of individual products to the customer in the store on their smartphone – guided by active wireless transmitters on the sample products or by GPS.

Swisscom offers a wide range of consulting and other services that businesses can use to exploit the possibilities of mobile interaction with their customers and partners in accordance with specific needs, and also make their marketing, sales and service processes as well as mobile transactions more efficient.

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