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Create added value with data: Data-driven business


Data – the raw material for future success

Today’s fusion of people, things and machines generates gigantic amounts of data. Data-driven business means: the data becomes an important raw material for a company – and the skilful handling of it is a decisive competitive factor.



The four steps to a data-driven business

Where are you on your way towards a Data Driven Company?


Legally compliant and secure processing, transport and storage.

  • «Secure»: Data protection (in particular personal data) and the protection of critical data against unauthorised access.
  • «Edit»: The right data is made available to the right people at the right time and in the right place.
  • «Transport»: The data is exchanged between sites via high-performance networks to ensure high availability.
  • The infrastructure and its operation must guarantee secure and legally compliant access to all data.


Incorporate data into activities and decisions.

  • The data is actively managed according to its value throughout its entire lifecycle – and treated like all other corporate resources.
  • As a basic element, the data is incorporated everywhere: in every strategic consideration, in every planning process, in every control process and in every performance process.
  • All IT applications support asset value creation through good integration of the entire IT landscape.


Combine external and internal data.

  • Make quick entrepreneurial decisions in a competitive market environment based on reliable information.
  • The basis for this is the analysis of data and especially the analysis of customer behaviour.
  • Clever combination of data from social networks, market data and other demographic data.
  • The necessary functionality of the IT systems requires the combined use of innovative disruptive technologies.


Customise products and services in real time.

  • Data-driven enterprises immediately adapt products and services to current customer and market needs.
  • Central to it: flexibility and the ability to predict future developments.
  • A variety of new business models: e.g. customised manufacturing, products that become services with SLA and situational price models, platforms that intelligently combine products and services from different suppliers, etc.
  • Future IT systems will ensure the complete networking of people, things and machines at all times and the comprehensive exchange of data between all parties involved.

Do you have questions?

Martin Gutmann

Head of Analytics & Data Consulting

Data-driven business in practice

Would you like to steer your company into a sustainable successful future with Data-Driven Business? Gain competitive advantage through intelligent data utilisation. Swisscom supports you with innovative technologies and sound solutions. 



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Insights about Data Driven Business