Data – the raw material for future success

The successful handling of data will become a key competitive factor for Swiss companies in the future. Those who learn to use data as a strategic resource today will remain innovative and maintain their competitive position on the market of tomorrow. Data is becoming the most important business asset, and data-driven business is the model for future success.

How can you make your company data-driven?

After a benchmark analysis, the development is carried out in four stages. Only a company in the fourth and final stage configures all of its products and services in real time on the basis of data – a data-driven company, in other words.

In vier Stufen zum Data-Driven Business Grafik

Become a data-driven business in four stages

A data-driven business is developed in four stages that build upon one another. Read more about each stage here and learn about possible solutions that will help you on your journey.

1. Careful handling of data

Process, transport and store data in a legally compliant and secure way.

2. Using data to create added value

Data is integrated into all activities and decisions.

3. Gain competitive advantages

Combine external and internal data.

4. Business growth thanks to innovation

Be innovative and stay competitive.

How data-driven is your company?

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