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Internet security, data protection, anti-virus & system security

Data security


Data security


Secure data and systems worldwide – thanks to extensive security services

Businesses today are exposed to a variety of attacks from the internet. Attackers often operate on someone else's behalf with clear criminal intent, such as industrial espionage, identity theft, causing data loss, manipulating data or crippling a business's functions. A business with an inadequately protected ICT infrastructure may face enormous financial damage, especially given that the digitalisation of business has become essential for success and is affecting more and more industries.

The increasingly clever tactics employed by cybercriminals stretch many IT departments to their limits.

Not only the pace at which security measures need to be adapted to changing conditions is rising – the demand on expertise, too, is growing in this area.

The growing mobility of employees, global networking, and the seamless integration of partners and the Internet of Things place further demands.

Swisscom offers reliable security services for all security and data protection requirements in the fields of internet security, data security and network protection. Maximum security is ensured by state-of-the-art technologies and data centres, clearly defined and monitored processes, and employees with the best training available.

How things work at Swisscom

Insight: Internet security for Switzerland.

Swisscom cares a lot about security, and this applies to both business and residential customers. This is why Swisscom, as a leading internet provider, is a founding member of the Swiss Internet Security Alliance. This association, which was founded in September 2014, is committed to ensuring that Switzerland is a secure place to be online, whatever the industry. The collegial exchange between internet providers, financial service providers and other partners is aimed at helping to identify threats more quickly and combat them more effectively. To reduce the number of devices infected with malware, one of the services offered is an online check for end devices.

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Privacy and information security

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Securely integrating users

Swisscom assists businesses from conception to implementation of identity & access solutions. Modular managed services monitor and manage the security infrastructure worldwide.

Use mobile devices and apps securely

Customised mobile services enable the identification of company-specific risks in the mobile environment, simplify management of and guarantee the security of all devices and applications.