Securely integrating users



integrating users

Securely integrating mobile users – with extensive protection for identity, permissions and accounts

Stringent management of user identities, access rights and accounts forms the basis for secure ICT systems and infrastructures.

As employees become ever more mobile and home offices become more widespread, so too do the demands imposed upon identity & access management rise.

Partners also increasingly need to be integrated securely and specifically into processes. This gives rise to a diversity of challenges regarding account and access rights infrastructure: A secure and user-friendly Remote Access Service (RAS) must provide users outside of the company network with easy access. Smartphone-capable authentication solutions such as Mobile ID are required for mobile employees. The ability to manage the growing number of digital certificates must be ensured, for example using the Digital Certificate Service. The All-in Signing Service is the optimum solution for providing documents with a legally valid electronic signature from any kind of device.

Swisscom provides businesses with extensive support from the conception to the implementation and operation of identity & access solutions. Modular managed services monitor and manage the security infrastructure and access to the company network worldwide.

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