Mobile Security & Application Management

Use mobile devices and apps securely


Use mobile devices

and apps securely 

Use mobile devices and applications securely – with customised mobile security services

The mobilisation of employees is a key instrument in increasing productivity and improving services.

As the number of smartphones, tablets and laptops accessing the company network grows, so too do the security demands placed upon this network.

What happens if a device is stolen? Can the device be locked and the data stored on it deleted? In order to prevent ICT security from being compromised, mobile devices and all mobile applications – and also fixed workstations – must be protected, monitored and centrally managed throughout their entire lifecycle. It must also be ensured that statutory and regulatory requirements are met at all times.

Swisscom provides businesses with extensive support in ensuring that their mobile solutions remain secure, from the identifcation of specific risks to the conception and implementation of a suitable mobile security infrastructure to mobile application management.

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