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Ensure data communication


Ensure data


Ensure reliable data communication –
with secure location, in-house and internet networking

Acting globally, always being bang up to date and reacting quickly: in the digital age, a reliable, high-performance and secure information and communication infrastructure is one of the most important foundations for successful commercial activity. Business-relevant information must be available around the clock. Employees, partners and suppliers want to be able to communicate and collaborate with one another regardless of time and place in a way that is uncomplicated and secure. Customers must be able to get in touch with the company easily. Added to this are the growing demands of video applications, cloud services and real-time big data analyses.

In such an environment, a stable, local network and the reliable networking of the various offices, systems and external partners are vital. Swisscom offers secure solutions at all levels for precisely this purpose: LAN (local networking), WAN (office networking) and Business Internet.

Your company benefits from a comprehensive and global end-to-end communication infrastructure.

Where required, Swisscom also takes care of the management of the network services. This way, your company’s IT department can focus on progressing with business.

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With the digital document-sharing platform, companies can send all documents, such as contracts, bills and letters, directly to their customers' secure, personal online storage space.

Swisscom Ethernet Services

Reliable, high-speed, Ethernet-based networking.

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Private Line

Lease your own, protocol-independent lines. In Switzerland or worldwide.

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