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Machine to Machine (M2M): Internet of Things

Utilise the Internet of Things


Utilise the Internet

of Things

Utilise the potential of the
Internet of Things – with M2M

M2M (Machine to Machine) links up objects, products and machines wirelessly via the Internet of Things and makes them “intelligent” – that means they can perceive things, send and receive data in real time and react accordingly via IT systems. The advantages are obvious: efficient processes, improved customer relationships, increased security, lower consumption of resources and huge potential for new business and service models – existing value creation chains are broken up or eliminated entirely.

With M2M technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 becomes a reality. The economy is set to change significantly over the coming years.

Even today, countless examples prove the unlimited possibilities of M2M and the Internet of Things. Smart products are revolutionising the future: Intelligent oil tanks recognise how full they are and can be telemonitored. Smart electricity meters help to match energy consumption and production precisely to one another. International consignments or vehicle fleets can be followed in real time through GSM trackers and their routes optimised. Bicycles tell their owners when they have been stolen and where they can be found. Complex systems, for example for the ventilation of large buildings, can manage and monitor themselves independently, or machine manufacturers invoice for their products according to the service model whereby only the productive hours must be paid for. 

As an M2M pioneer with over 20 years’ experience, Swisscom offers companies comprehensive support in successfully exploiting the business potential of the Internet of Things for themselves – with first-rate quality from planning, through realisation and on to operation, along the entire value creation chain.

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Application Enablement Platform

The best connectivity, protected data connections, secure storage in the Swisscom cloud, and the most straightforward application integration: with AEP everything is already available for your M2M solution.

Connectivity Management Platform

For straightforward management of your connectivity: with comprehensive features, the CMP lays the foundations for cost optimisations, more efficient work processes and new added value.

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