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Giving our all for a connected healthcare of the future

Doctors, hospitals and insurance companies can save valuable time and costs with innovative ICT-based solutions. Patients also benefit from access to their data and efficient collaboration with healthcare providers. Swisscom develops solutions together with all stakeholders in healthcare for the entire market. We drive the digitalisation trend and explore the possibilities of the healthcare of the future.

Healthcare products

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Raphael Frangi

Senior Marketing Manager

Solutions for all providers

Insurance card query service

View insured person information at any time with our reliable and secure insurance card query service.

Our core healthcare product

Health Connect

Swisscom Health Connect is the data hub for tomorrow’s healthcare industry.

Solutions for hospitals

Our software and networking solutions are tailored to the requirements of hospitals. Hospital decision-makers rely on solutions that meet the statutory provisions of eHealth in Switzerland and follow its recommendations.


MultiChannel saves time by automatically sending out medical documents using the channel preferred by the recipient.


MedicalConnector is used as a secure and fast communications platform for hospitals and institutes.


Our web-based platform MedicalShare allows hospitals to distribute medical images and documents to referrers, after-care treatment providers or patients – with secure, worldwide access.


H-Net SecureClient is a software solution for customer access to the H-Net transaction network and allows health care service providers to exchange structured messages bidirectionally in XML format.

Solutions for doctors

Networking, process optimisation and ongoing development are important for forward-looking health care practices. Thanks to our Software as a Service solution and receivables management, we ensure that there is less bureaucracy in your medical surgery.


Gain time for your patients.


triaMED is the medical information system for doctor's practices, medical centres and doctor's practice chains.

Receivables management

Swisscom Health takes care of everything for you, completely in line with your requirements: from providing the practice administration system to electronic invoicing in the case of direct payment by insurers and invoicing on paper for initial payment by the patient, through to the complete dunning process with payment control and collection.

Evita service provider portal

The Evita service provider portal is the interface and data hub for the direct exchange between doctors and patients.

Solutions for individuals and occupational health management

Having control over your own health means having all health data in one place and tracking your own fitness. Swisscom Health provides you with a solution for managing your own health and personal fitness.


Track your own fitness and health with the Swisscom wearables.

Evita service provider portal

Access to health care data – from doctors and hospitals as well as your own recordings.

Our products


Appropriate ICT solutions are needed for industrialisation as well as digital banking. This is why we combine our ICT skills with our banking expertise for you.

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SAP Full Service Provider

Together with our customers, we are shaping tomorrow's business processes today, so that Swisscom customers can be successful in a global, networked market.

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BORS Solutions

Systems and software solutions for blue-light organisations (BORS) such as police, fire and ambulance services.

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Cloud & Datacenter Services

We support your business with complete, needs-based data center and cloud solutions.

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Communication & Collaboration

Solutions for a modern working environment.

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With the Conextrade marketplace you can design slim and efficient procurement and accounting processes with no media breaches.

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Giving our all for a connected healthcare of the future.

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Enterprise Mobile

The complete mobile solution for businesses.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

When machines and objects become intelligent and communicate with one another, it benefits humans and the environment.

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Mobile Business Solutions

With connectivity and infrastructure independent of time and place, we create the prerequisites for productive working and manage your mobile devices, apps and content all the way along your business processes.

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Security Solutions

With our comprehensive security solutions, we protect your data, infrastructures and networks. Globally and round the clock.

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We facilitate positive customer experiences through extensive competency and the utmost dedication. Our service is reliable and complete – from consulting and realisation and all the way through to forward-thinking support.

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Global Solutions

We provide support to multinational corporations that maintain headquarters in Switzerland by providing digital solutions from one source.

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Value Added Services

With our additional services, we bring your company even closer to your customers.

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Wireline Networks & Bundles

We offer you progressive and secure networking solutions for your company – at home and abroad.

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Modern working environments for you and your employees.

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