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The universal and secure data communication solution that interconnects service providers and institutes in the health sector

Together, MedicalConnector customers form the largest medical data network in Switzerland. This network currently connects more than 200 Swiss hospitals, service providers and institutes with each other, and makes it possible for them to securely transmit and reliably share medical data. And there are no format or size limitations.

MedicalConnector is, on the one hand, suitable for transmitting radiological studies due to its integrated DICOM interface, while on the other hand, its support of HL7 and CDA formats also allows it be used for assigning registrations, reports, laboratory results, prescriptions or appointments. The web-based user interface plays a key role in sending and receiving MedicalConnector notifications straightforwardly.

Your expert

Federico Marmori

Head of Portfolio & Product Management

Transmit medical data quickly, securely and using any media

Intuitive data transfer

Use the web-based user interface to make sending and receiving data easy.

Highest levels of data security

You can rely on secure, encrypted data transmission.  

Integration of an internal primary system

Connect to your primary in-house system using different interfaces.


Benefit from the other services available

You can obtain special options from us for laboratories and PACS.

You can also exchange data outside the MC community

The MedicalShare and Exchange options make this exchange possible.

MedicalConnector can be individualised for use

Customise MedicalConnector to cater to your requirements.

Your data remains in Switzerland

Swisscom is a traditional Swiss company operating under Swiss law. Your data remains in Switzerland.

Modular structure of the MedicalConnector

The basis for the MedicalConnector network is formed by the reliable H-Net transaction network, which encrypts any data formats and transmits them to the recipient via Swisscom data centres.

The MedicalConnector application is installed at the participant and allows new notifications to be created, incoming notifications to be processed, and ongoing transactions to be monitored.

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MedicalConnector can be combined from the different options available in order to cater to your requirements. You acquire one or several options from the range available to suit your requirements.



DirectPACS allows MedicalConnector to be operated in the background. The physicians work in their PACS and send the images directly from here to another hospital or institute that is also connected to the Swisscom MedicalConnector network. Detailed definitions can used to determine which MedicalConnector participants are allowed to send studies directly to your own PACS, or which recipients can be sent data directly from your own PACS.



This option allows laboratory notifications to be exchanged between the internal and external laboratories in the HL7-V2 format – also for openmedical.



This option allows HL7 patient notifications to be transmitted to the regional Master Patient Index (MPI) from in-house. This is a prerequisite for compiling virtual dossiers in accordance with IHE.



This option transmits DICOM studies and reports to the MedicalShare web platform, where they are available for the recipient to view and download for three months. This extension is suitable for sending radiographic images or documents with confidential content on a one-time basis, for example to patients or to persons involved in a treatment, however it is equally suitable for sending studies and reports to referring physicians at a hospital on a regular basis. Along with downloading, there is also the option of uploading data.


To the product


MedicalExchange provides a web platform for uploading documents, with a user interface of its own with customer branding. This option is helpful when medical documents or reports must be received on a secure channel. MedicalExchange users who upload documents do not have to register. They can access the platform using a web browser.


Physician-hospital communication

Physician-hospital communication is also based on MedicalConnector, whereby openmedical, HIN, bluecare, MedicalShare or docbox display the physician page.

The components therefore allow specifically directed data traffic between hospital and institute systems, as well as the clinic software. The following processes can be offered for now: Registration, discharge and appointment scheduling.


MultiChannel automatically sends documents using the channel preferred by the recipient (for example by post, HIN mail, intermediaries). Documents can be sent using a web-based MedicalConnector user interface, or using a Windows printer driver. It is also possible to send documents by connecting the primary in-house system.


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The MedicalConnector network is connected to the SUVA-EBIDA network. SUVA image requests for a hospital or institute can be received via MedicalConnector, and are easy to respond to.


Emergency channel

The emergency channel provides high-performance, high-priority transmission of DICOM data between the sender and recipient in highly specialised medicine (HSM) or other areas. The end-to-end processes, DICOM communication, data compression and prioritisation of transmission have been optimised in this option.

The emergency channel is only licensed on the part of the recipient, while on our part, it is specifically set up and configured with every partner hospital that uses MedicalConnector. DICOM transmissions are usually available in the destination system within just a few minutes.



Automatically sending (radiology) findings as (HIN) e-mails to referring physicians is a widespread practice today. However, the referring physicians do not always have the option of viewing the associated images themselves, which is why CDs and DVDs still often have to be burned and sent out.

This option provides a fully automatic method to take delivery of a copy of the e-mail sent to the referring physician and, based on the information it contains, to write and send a MedicalConnector notification for the referring physician to MedicalShare. The referring physician therefore receives the report by e-mail, along with a link, and can view the study directly using MedicalShare.