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The integrated practice software solution that perfectly equips and organises your practice

triaMED is a modern medical information system for individual and group practices as well as medical centres, information from which helps to display complex processes electronically. Doctor's practice chains can access the electronic medical history and performance data centrally and securely using a patient-focussed approach.

All known basic concepts of a modern electronic medical history are combined in triaMED, which, in this way, results in a unique overall architecture. The patient file is at the core, with direct access to all medical and administrative patient data.

As a client server solution, triaMED supports you in documenting patient contact in an integrated manner: from the diagnosis list to the detailed history, to the status, progress, risk factors, laboratory results, medication plan and immunisations. Manage the medical history in a structured format with a hierarchical diagnosis and problem list and progress entries according to SOAP as defined by Weed.

Your expert

Cornelia Schmid

Head of Service an Operation Management

triaMED provides you with the necessary security when treating your patients

Medical cockpit

You maintain an overview of the treatment quality at all times.


Thanks to semantic reference, the solution is compatible with existing systems.

Episode design

Using this solution, treatment processes can be structured easily.

Follow-me screen

The solution is Terminal server- and Citrix-compatible with Follow-Me screen.

In addition...

You keep your infrastructure

Integrate this product into your existing systems.

The solution has multi-client capability

You are able to manage several clients on the same system.

Parameters can be set for the medical history

The medical history is tailored to the requirements of each doctor.

The medical history is managed in a structured manner

Problem-oriented medical history is managed with the hierarchical diagnosis list and progress entries according to SOAP as defined by Weed.

triaMED in overview

The following diagram shows you an overview of the modules and options for the solution.

This is what our customers say

«Individual parameter creation and the sending options are only two of the many aspects in favour of triaMED. I can't think of any improvements that could be made to the solution, I am completely satisfied with it.»

Dr. med. Anton Merkle

Doctor at the Düdingen Practice Centre

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Work together anywhere with triaMED: avoid travelling, save time and thus reduce your carbon footprint by more than 80%.

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