Efficient billing

Digital billing creates diverse possibilities. Successfully digitise your company’s billing processes with Swisscom. Optimise and simplify your day-to-day business and reduce costs in your company.

Goodbye paper, hello digital billing


Thanks to digital billing, resources can be used elsewhere and you can keep an overview of your outgoings.


Promote sustainability by minimising paper usage through digital billing.



Electronic billing works across national boundaries and is VAT-compliant.

Receive paperless invoices by e-mail





Simplify your billing processes. Receive your invoices in digital format and ready for processing, while helping to protect the environment. Your signed, VAT-compliant invoices are sent to your e-mail address at least five days earlier.

To protect your privacy and for legal reasons, we will not send you the connection details by e-mail. We recommend using the Swisscom Billing & Analytics service with My Swisscom Business.

Invoices via e-mail for free


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Digital invoicing processes

Companies of any size

Billers and bill recipients


Potential savings

Send and receive invoices electronically via the Conextrade marketplace. E-invoicing eliminates numerous time-consuming manual tasks from the billing process, with potential to save costs and resources. With E-Invoicing Switzerland and E-Invoicing International, the service is VAT-compliant in Switzerland and other countries.


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Creates transparency and increases your productivity

Swisscom Billing & Analytics is your management tool for managing costs and usage efficiently. It provides you with the transparency you need to actively and promptly optimise your corporate resources.
With the standardised and individual reporting options, you maintain an overview of your services and costs, which you can manage in a timely manner using alarm functions.

Billing & Analytics S

Simplify your billing in just a few steps. Send bills as PDFs by e-mail and keep an overview of their payment status. Modify your invoice addresses, references and dispatch types online. View incurred expenses directly and receive a cost pattern for up to 24 months.

Billing & Analytics M

With Billing & Analytics M, you get all the functionalities of Billing & Analytics S, as well as the possibility of creating standardised or user-specific reports. Thanks to cost and usage analysis, you can optimise your use of valuable company resources that can be invested elsewhere.

Billing & Analytics L

Billing & Analytics L includes all the functionalities of Billing & Analytics S and M, plus daily data updates so you can check your costs and usage limits every day. If necessary, you can set up alerts informing you if you exceed your limits. You can therefore keep your employees up to date.


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Billing Consulting

Identify the best solutions together for optimal bill processing.

What is Billing Consulting?

We’ll help you analyse your needs, conduct feasibility studies, devise implementation plans, calculate the cost of using the service and implement the solution.

Your benefits with Billing Consulting

Benefit from the close support and decision-making of our highly experienced experts. Recognise potential savings and reduce turnaround times in your organisation.

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