Invoice by e-mail plus the associated reporting

Optimised invoice processing allows you to increase transparency, to go paperless and reduce manual work significantly. We provide you with the support you need, and help make invoice processing easier, more secure and more efficient for you. You keep a perspective of services used and costs incurred with the possibilities in standard and customised reportings.

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Invoice Reporting and MyInvoice

Advantages of reporting and invoicing by e-mail


Receive and process invoices by e-mail at least five days earlier.

More transparency

In the reporting in the Business Center, analyse, distribute and monitor billing costs with precision.

More efficiency

Process invoices more easily without media discontinuity.

How it works

The invoice is signed by Swisscom and is sent as a VAT-compliant PDF to the e-mail addresses you specified.

Receive an invoice

When you have changed to e-mail invoicing, you will receive the signed, secure and VAT-compliant invoices at the e-mail addresses that you specified.
Due to laws protecting the privacy of your data, we cannot send the call charge details to you directly at the same time. You will find these details in your personal online portal, the Swisscom Business Center.

Process an invoice

You will find all invoice details and reports in your personal online portal, the Swisscom Business Center.
You can access your digital invoices and details of your invoices at any time. Standard reporting is included automatically. You can also order a comprehensive evaluation and analysis tool for your invoice data.

> Analysing invoices in the Business Center

Reporting at a glance

More on Invoice Reporting, the service for reporting in the Business Center of Swisscom Enterprise Customers, here in the Factsheet (PDF).

Step-by-step digital invoicing

Apply to switch over

Fill in forms

Select invoices, assign e-mail addresses and add your signature.

Get access

Swisscom changes to the preferred type of invoicing effective from the next invoice period, and gives you access rights for the online portal.

Get started

Get started in the online portal, the Swisscom Business Center.

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