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Digitalising and mobilising business processes

Digitalising business processes


business processes

Make more agile use of market opportunities – with digitalised, automated and mobile processes

The growing expectations of customers, the rapid pace of development of the market environment and cost pressures not only require more efficient sales processes but also need sustainably optimised business and sales processes.

To enable these to be managed in real time and make agile use of market opportunities, processes must be digitalised, mobilised and automated as far as possible.

This liberates resources, enabling preparation for future developments and creating potential for new business models.

Customer needs

  • Enable digital transformation initiatives
  • Formulate key strategic themes to focus on
  • Articulate blueprints aligned with objectives
  • Elaborated budgets (CAPEX/OPEX)
  • Design adapted governance models
  • Plan Cloud migration roadmaps/ops models
  • Conduct change management across the organisation

Services Offering

Change Management

Our North Star is to put the users at the center of the experience. We designed our change management adoption model to be truly empowering and engage the business community on what matters most for them.


Enterprise Architecture

Articulate the targeted IS landscape in order to compete in a digital ecosystem by bridging the gap between strategy and execution to gain a competitive advantage.

IS Strategy

Formulate key initiatives, investment budgets, governance models and plans (roadmap).

Cloud Consulting

Management Assessment, Cloud migration roadmaps and targeted operating models.


We are advising customers through a co-creation canvas which is the core of our methodology and we are using a phased adoption model to maximise chances of success through change management.


Our digital stratey framework helps you to identify the potential of value creation for your organisation and develop the roadmap to structurally engage your audience to act upon.

Change Management

Our Change Management model will foster the adoption of new digital usages by the business users community through a phased path.

Drive awareness

Start dialog with business users from day 1 to capture their challenges and identify what’s in it for them.

Drive excitement

Put the user at the center of all digital touch points and help them getting things done more effectively in an innovative way.

Drive adoption

Execute the adoption plan to empower people transition to the new usages.

Drive new usages

Execute the adoption plan to empower people transition to the new usages.

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Digitalising documents

Solutions tailored to specific needs enable the digitalisation and automation of documentation and optimum evaluation and efficient operation of the printer pool.

Mobilising processes

Swisscom gives businesses all-round support, from consulting about processes to process digitalisation, from the evaluation of mobile solutions to the development of user-friendly apps.

Managing core processes

With a well-designed business process solution, core processes can be effectively managed in real time. This provides businesses with the agility they need to exploit current market opportunities.

Mobile Patient File

The Mobile Patient File provides doctors and nurses with on-the-spot access to up-to-date patient data on tablets – wherever, whenever.

Swisscom Digital Lab

In December 2015, Swisscom and EPFL announced a strategic partnership to fund joint R&D and the creation of a digitalisation competence centre, the Digital Lab, on the EPFL campus.