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Digitalising & automating documents – Document Solutions

Digitalising documents




Simplifying document handling and reducing costs – by digitalisation and automation of documents

Even if interaction with customers, partners and suppliers is increasingly being conducted through digital channels, the majority of documents such as bills, business correspondence and contracts continue to be printed and sent on paper.

The manual handling of these printed documents is work-intensive, prone to errors and cost-intensive.

Immediately scanning in these documents upon receipt and the subsequent automated processing of the information in subsystems helps keep these disadvantages to a minimum. And at the other end of the process chain – when a bill is to be sent to the customer on paper, for example – efficiency can be noticeably improved by means of a printer fleet that is optimised for the company's needs (dynamic printing). This enables printing costs to be reduced by up to 40 per cent.

Swisscom offers comprehensive solutions tailored to specific requirements for the digitalisation and automation of documentation, for the paperless office, and for the evaluation and operation of the printer pool.

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Managed Print Service for optimum, economical operation of your entire printer and scanner infrastructure. With Switzerland-wide First Level Support and IMACD services.

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