Digitalising and mobilising business processes

Mobilising processes




Mobilising business processes – with suitable services, devices and apps

Mobile processes improve customer service and employee satisfaction, improve process efficiency and generate competitive advantages. Mobile applications enable consistently digitalised business processes from the start, for example with the entry of important data while with the customer. Mobile apps and services support collaboration in separate teams, help to save travel costs and improve the CO2 balance. Management can also use mobile business intelligence when on business trips, and employees can enter their work expenses while they're already on the road. In sales and consulting, for example, the tablet is an effective presentation tool, while in finance – among others – asset trades can be performed via smartphone.

By skilfully mobilising business processes, entirely new business models can be created, for example in customer service, mobile commerce, or consulting.

If you wish to exploit the opportunities that mobility provides, you need a future-proof mobility strategy with well-conceived, networked and interactive business processes. To mobilise employees, business apps that are precisely suited to the tasks to be performed must be provided on smartphones and tablets. A reliable infrastructure is just as important. Devices, mobile communication channels, applications and services must be planned, procured and managed throughout their entire lifecycle. Swisscom assists businesses that wish to mobilise their business processes with a wide variety of products and services, from expert consulting on strategy and processes to modern devices and mobile communication solutions to device, app and content management with the development of user-friendly mobile apps.

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NATEL® business infinity plus & business data

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Mobile Device Services: Lifecycle Management

Manage your mobile devices efficiently and conveniently online through their entire lifecycle: portfolio, ordering, repairs, support, etc.

Mobile Voice Recording

Mobile Voice Recording records your mobile phone calls, SMS messages and metadata in compliance with Swiss legislation and securely archives them.

Managed Service On Premises

A communication solution from Swisscom based on technology by Unify. The solution is operated by Swisscom on your premises. Find out more about Managed Service On Premises.

Mobile Application Development

Speed up business processes, organise work more efficiently, improve customer service: Swisscom – your partner for mobile applications.

Managed Communications & Collaboration Microsoft

With Microsoft technology and Skype for Business, Exchange and SharePoint, you get voice and video telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop-sharing, e-mail and document management. Find out more now.

Managed Communications & Collaboration Cisco

Telephony service from the Swisscom data centre. By using Cisco technology, you have voice and video telephony, instant messaging, presence management, desktop-sharing and video conferencing. Find out more now.

Microsoft® Office 365

Office in the Cloud, including Swisscom support: with Outlook/Exchange, SharePoint for joint editing of documents, Skype for Business, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. Find out more about Office 365.

Conferencing Services

Worldwide teleconferences with desktop-sharing and Instant Messaging. Pay for what you need. For complex conferences, the Swisscom Conferencing Team is able to give you personal assistance at any time.

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