Software-Defined Network

Software-Defined Network

Network Functions Virtualization & Software Defined Networking Solutions

What is Software Defined Networking?

Typically networking architecture is comprised of a control plane, management plane and a data plane, all of which are implemented in the system’s firmware. Software defined networking removes the control plane from this setup, instead implementing it within software.

What does that mean for your business? Software defined networking (SDN) delivers more power into the hands the network administrator. With the ability to manage network traffic through software, you gain a much greater degree of control, are given the ability to change network rules on the fly and prioritize precisely the types of traffic that drive results for your business.

Software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions help automate and simplify your network to quickly respond to change. With SDN solutions, your network is fast, smart, app-aware and cost-effective. With NFV solutions, we convert your critical network functions, which today reside on many different specialized hardware devices, into software, making it possible to quickly deploy more agile, virtual services.


Connect to your data, apps and cloud services simply, securely and reliably.


Control your capital and operating expenses (CAPEX and OPEX).


Speed up your time to market and site deployments.


Maintain network performance.


See your entire hybrid architecture.

Some of the Swisscom/Verizon solutions that leverage SDN
and/or virtualization concepts include:

Managed SD WAN

Managed SD WAN uses application-aware routing to automatically allocate traffic in your hybrid network. We’ll bring your public and private networks together and dynamically adapt them to evolving bandwidth and app performance needs.

Secure Cloud Interconnect

A scalable virtual private network, Private IP uses secure, diverse connections up to 10 GigE to join your business applications with infrastructure, platform, storage service, and business process cloud providers.

Secure Gateway

Secure Gateway service provides small, retail and remote office locations with reliable, encrypted access to their main offices on a Private IP network.

Virtual Network Services

Virtual networks are largely based on the same principles as traditional, physical networking, but they utilize software-driven network (SDN) functions virtualization (NFV) to combine distant and disparate assets in a more efficient manner

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