Virtual Network Services

Virtual Network Services

Virtual networks are largely based on the same principles as traditional, physical networking, but they utilize software-driven network (SDN) functions virtualization (NFV) to combine distant and disparate assets in a more efficient manner. Our Virtual Network Services portfolio works together to provide the most effective way to advance your network:

Virtual Network Services – SD WAN

helps you better connect your organization. It combines your public and private networks into an agile, app-aware, virtualized solution that automates traffic flow and boosts bandwidth on demand, while controlling both OPEX and CAPEX.

Virtual Network Services – Security

helps you secure those connections. It can quickly address these network security challenges. With network functions virtualized, security is easier to manage and less expensive to deploy than traditional security hardware.

Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization

helps you transform and improve performance network-wide. Select your performance recipe from a range of virtualized WAN optimization services, including data compression, TCP acceleration, and data, application and transport streamlining.

Virtual Network Services – Session Border Controller as a Service (SBCaaS)

delivers agile, cost efficient and secure VoIP and real time communications around the world. It significantly enhances the inherent features and benefits derived from a Session Border Controller through routing and prioritization of SIP/VoIP traffic with regards to security, Quality of Service (QoS) and communications resilience.

You can deploy our entire Virtual Network Services portfolio on a single physical box or virtual cloud appliance. This saves you money and time, while simplifying work for IT. It’s easy to use many network functions and quickly scale to stay ahead of your performance and security needs. And because it’s all software controlled and virtualized hardware, your rules can automatically handle network demands while you focus on your business.