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For Doctors


For doctors

Faster processes

The advance of digitisation in health care offers opportunities for merging and optimising the various processes. Swisscom Health provides you with end-to-end solutions for your practice infrastructure.

Reduced complexity in administration for an efficient infrastructure

Our solutions help you to minimise your costs and reduce the complexity of the processes in your practice – from material costs through to staff costs. Our services and tools provide you with an efficient infrastructure and allow you to manage your financial matters more efficiently and from a single source.

Secure processes and ongoing development

Benefit from our longstanding experience in all areas of the ICT industry. In addition to the maximum technical security level, we also provide you with investment security by continuously developing our solutions and tools.

Swisscom Health optimises administrative processes with high quality solutions.

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Our products for innovative doctors


CuraPrax is an SaaS solution (Software as a Service – you only pay for use) and can be operated in all the usual web browsers.


Switzerland’s largest medical data network connects the majority of Swiss hospitals and service providers with one another and allows secure transmission of medical data with no size or format restrictions.


H-Net SecureClient is a software solution for customer access to the H-Net transaction network and allows health care service providers to exchange structured messages bidirectionally in XML format.

The latest information on this topic

Preiskalkulator LAN Management flex

Health blog

Current insights into the digitisation of health care – with our articles and webinars.


Here, we explain the key terms related to networking and the digitisation of doctors.

Glossary from eHealthSuisse

Further key health topics

For hospitals

Modern software systems for networking hospitals with secure IT: cloud-based at the Swisscom computer center or on your premises.

For private individuals

Digitisation and networking solutions for tracking your own health