Use EPD Connect for efficient day-to-day management of electronic patient records.

Individual projects for linking your primary systems to the EPR platform

The EPR optimally used, tailored to your needs.

Treatment-related documents

Automatic data exchange with the EPR

Maximum data security

Geo-redundant, high-availability hosting and operation in Swisscom's own data centres


Standardised IHE interfaces

EPD Connect: Individual projects for bespoke integration into the EPR

Do you want to be able to use the EPR and integrate your primary systems? We offer hospitals three levels of integration with the EPR of the XAD core community.

Not a hospital but need a service? Contact us! We'll find a solution together.

  • Qualified EPR advice
  • Professional project management
  • IHE interoperability in accordance with EPR regulations
  • Connection of your primary systems
  • Different levels of integration according to your needs
  • Extensive experience as EPR platform operator of the XAD core community

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EPD Connect? We’re happy to advise you.

This is what modern working looks like

  • Patient defines access rights

    In the EPR, patients themselves define which health specialists have access to their documents.

  • Patient viewing of access log

    Patients can view which health specialists have accessed their EPR at any time.

  • Document with metadata

    Every document in the EPR is stored with specific metadata.

  • Document with metadata

    Every document in the EPR is stored with specific metadata.

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What our expert says

  • "We ensure the requirements of EPR regulations are reliably and safely met. Offering powerful technology and the highest level of security, we are the leading Swiss EPR provider."

    Gabriela Brunner, Project Manager

    Swisscom Health

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