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Private individuals

Private individuals

For private individuals

All data in one place

Apps, sensors and telemedicine: with cloud-based services and activity and fitness tracking, we help to make personal health management easier and promote a responsible approach to personal health.

Easier access to personal data and fun doing sport

The Swisscom health management platform provides private individuals with the ideal way to consolidate all fitness data in one place and then link it with the health record. All health and fitness data is thus saved securely in one place and is available at all times for one’s own use or for restrictive release to selected service providers.

The basis for data collection for private individuals is usually formed by the various sensors and measuring devices for health and fitness data.


Company health management – promoting employee health

For many companies, the Health Center not only provides a platform for supporting company health management; it also offers an interesting opportunity for education supported by the corporate culture.

Swisscom developed in collaboration with SWICA, the first Swiss company health management platform that is closely integrated into the insurance model for corporate customers and provides a host of benefits.

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