Connectivity Management Platform (CMP)
Low Power Network (LPN)

The CMP LPN, based on an innovative, worldwide ecosystem, gives you a complete, comprehensive connectivity experience.

Your advantages with CMP LPN

With CMP LPN, you benefit from a flexible pricing model, simplified connected device management and roaming in the growing global LoRaWAN ecosystem.

High-performance portal

State-of-the-art technology guarantees scalability of your applications. Data remains in Switzerland on georedundant servers.


Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a range of pricing models and receive support at bootcamp training courses, Techie & Tour Tuesdays or LPN support.


o Based on the current LoRaWAN specification, different LPN connectivity profiles are available. Highlights include roaming, common cloud connections, geolocation, multicasting and FUOTA functionalities.

You can find further information about CMP LPN here:

Low Power Network (LPN) LoRaWAN

Energy-saving and ideal for transmitting small quantities of data – the network for your IoT applications.

Easy introduction

Techie & Tour Tuesday

previewpicture: Techie & Tour Tuesday

See various demos and find out about network coverage, technologies and a constantly growing ecosystem.


Technical experts are on site once a month. Visit us without obligation between 10am and 4pm at Müllerstrasse 16, Zurich.


LPN LoRaWAN Bootcamps

previewpicture: LPN LoRaWAN Bootcamps

At LPN LoRaWAN bootcamps, you will find out more about network functionality and the technical implementation of hardware and software integration


You will receive practical training and learn how to set up your own LoRaWAN-based solution.



Start your IoT project today and order IoT connectivity over the online shop. Choose from two standardized tariff plans as a basis for your IoT project.​






Device Catalogue

Our Swisscom LPN LoRaWAN Device Catalogue provides a detailed overview of "Swisscom Qualified" LPN LoRaWAN devices.

Our Swisscom Cellular LPWAN Modules Catalogue provides a detailed overview of modules that have been tested on the Swisscom network.


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