Complete B2B2C solutions for prepaid SIM card management

Rely on Swisscom’s tried and tested connectivity and seamless customer management. Customers benefit from data packages and services tailored to their needs.

Your benefits with CMP Stores

Offer your customers successful end-to-end assistance by providing the services they need and helping them to manage all relevant tasks.

State-of-the-art technology

CMP Stores is based on Swisscom’s renowned Connectivity Management Platform.

Seamless, secure operation

We provide you with connectivity and a suitable SIM card management portal, as well as looking after all your invoicing and support.

Customisable modules

Offer your customers a service that suits them and make use of individual promotion opportunities.

CMP Stores for your customers in three steps

Integrate – Onboard – Go

Initial touchpoint

Through advertising or personal conversation, your customer discovers your new offer and expresses an interest.

Onboarding on the portal

Your sales staff pre-register and identify the customer. The customer then receives an email, completes their registration and chooses their first data package. The Access Point Name (APN) is created and the SIM card installed.

Using the portal

Once the account is created, the customer receives a message. They can now buy and manage the data packages they need and, via the portal, see how much data they are using at all times.

A win-win investment

CMP Stores gives both you and your customers more independence.

CMP Stores for your business

With our experts’ assistance and our services, we enable you to give your customers end-to-end support.

CMP Stores for your customers

Help your customers to manage, buy, and order data packages independently.

Getting started with CMP Stores

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