Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) Vodafone

Secure, reliable management of your globally connected devices.

The IoT Connectivity Management Platform Vodafone enables you to easily manage your connected devices anywhere in the world. As well as making your operational activities more efficient, you will also be able to increase customer satisfaction and create new business models.

Benefits of global IoT connectivity

Strengthen your business with the numerous advantages of the Connectivity Management Platform Vodafone.

Global connectivity

Benefit from internationally registered SIM cards with 24/7 roaming on more than 400 networks and in over 200 countries.

Intuitive platform

Experience an intuitive web-based platform, on which SIM cards can be reconfigured quickly and easily and comprehensive reports can be generated. You can also contact a service manager.

Tighter security

Mitigate your risks or improve your operations by defining business rules and transferring your data to the IoT Cloud.

Take local conditions into account

Take into account local rules and data protection laws where your devices are located.

Transparent pricing

Pay for what you use (country groups) according to SIM status. Pooling within a profile is possible.

The solution at a glance

Your systems are connected to the global network via communication devices.

Mobile networks (3G/4G/LTE/NB-IoT) transmit data via ‘Access Points Networks’.

The IoT connectivity platform carries data securely to the relevant applications and manages all SIM cards.

Data can be stored in the IoT Cloud or accessed directly via various applications.

Swisscom and Vodafone – an important partnership

Takes responsibility for the complexity of services in Switzerland and abroad and looks after IoT, network, security and cloud, for example.

Provides international IoT connectivity, is IoT Global Leader (Gartner Magic Quadrant), 60+ million connected devices, mobile partner network in 50+ countries and 20+ years’ experience.

Other partners provide the network, public cloud and mobility, for example.


Choose IoT from Swisscom:


Rely on our extensive IoT connectivity experience.


Swisscom is one of the world’s top five telecommunications companies.


Fast, professional IoT delivery shortens time to market.


Secure, reliable data transfer in Switzerland.

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Roger Kaspar

Head of Sales Internet of Things

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