Gateway as a Service (GaaS)

IoT connectivity at the touch of a button

Would you like to offer your customers smart IoT solutions – or use IoT to increase the efficiency of your own processes? We provide the secure basis: with Gateway as a Service you get a worry-free package for connecting remote devices to the Internet. Installing, updating, monitoring? You can leave it to us. 

Maximum convenience with plug & play

Connecting your IoT devices for remote monitoring, remote control and services can prove a challenge. And the connections need to remain secure and stable at all times. Do you lack the necessary time, knowledge and resources? We are happy to do the hard work for you: Gateway as a Service is an all-in-one solution, fully managed by Swisscom, for secure, end-to-end IoT solution connectivity, including industry-standard hardware. Simply flip the switch and go. 

We take care of the management – you stay in control

Your IoT device, machine and sensor connectivity should work as seamlessly as your office Internet connection. We take care of the technical details, the individual design and configuration, firmware updates and everything else. While we actively manage the connectivity and gateways in the background, you stay in overall control. You can easily monitor the status of your gateways in the self-service portal, making configuration adjustments in just a few clicks. Need even more? Gateway as a Service grows with you. 

Your benefits

Freedom from complex technologies and operational responsibilities

Quick and easy connection of your IoT components

Secure, stable connections managed by Swisscom

When is it the right solution?

Are you thinking of managing your coffee machine service remotely? Or showing real-time content on advertising displays with just one click? Or offering your customers a first-class service for HVAC system operation? Gateway as a Service provides the perfect basis for this.

Secure and stable Internet access is the essential requirement for your IoT projects. Gateway as a Service is the most convenient and cost-effective way to achieve this, no matter which industry you operate in or whether your devices, machines, sensors and actuators communicate via WLAN, BLE or cable.


Gateway as a Service gives you control over your IoT solution. And your budget, thanks to the attractive flat rate for your worry-free connectivity package.

What’s in it for you:

  • A custom, turnkey IoT connectivity solution
  • Fully managed, industry-standard hardware
  • Flexible scaling and a transparent flat rate

Why Swisscom?

  • Simple: we will summarise the typical IoT connectivity processes for you.
  • Lightening your load: we’ll provide end-to-end management of the connectivity path for remote devices.
  • Robust and proven: you will receive industry-standard hardware as a managed plug & play solution.

Get started with GaaS

The first step

Let's work together to identify which of our packages is the right one for you.


GaaS factsheet

Our packages

Order your individual proof of concept for Gateway as a Service now! You can choose from the following options.


  • Six month routing from 1x IP externally to Internet

  • 5x gateways
  • 2000 MB/gateway/month
  • Ready to use
  • Set-up workshop
  • 2 hours of online training
  • Final report


  • Six months’ routing from 1x IP externally or Wi-Fi connected devices to Internet

  • 5x Wi-Fi ready gateways
  • 2000 MB/gateway/month
  • Ready to use
  • Set-up workshop
  • 2 hours of online training
  • Final report

Wi-Fi und VPN

  • Six months’ routing from 1x IP externally or Wi-Fi connected devices to internet via the OpenVPN tunnel to preconfigured customer endpoint
  • 5x Wi-Fi ready gateways
  • 2000 MB/gateway/month
  • Ready to use
  • Set-up workshop
  • 3 hours of online training
  • Final report

A brief guide to Gateway as a Service



How to use Gateway as a Service

IoT applications have become an integral part of modern business services. You too can offer your customers added value without becoming bogged down in the complexity of high-performance connectivity.

IoT coffee machine services

With GaaS, we offer continuous remote monitoring and control of managed coffee machine solutions. Simply leave all the complex technical and operational aspects, such as the connection, connectivity and hardware setup, to Swisscom.

Your benefits

  • Rapid scaling with our flat-rate model
  • Quick and simple installation of the plug & play solution

Managing advertising displays

Remote service for HVAC systems

  • “In the world of IoT, stable networks and high availability provide a crucial competitive advantage.”  

    Philipp A. Ziegler

    CEO of MSM Research AG

    Ziegler Management Consulting

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