Support for your entire IoT project

  • Increase your chances of success with a reduced time to market
  • Support from IoT experts during your entire IoT project
  • Constant security and connectivity

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Your Advantages with Enterprise IoT Services

With Enterprise IoT services, you benefit from a number of services for your IoT project along the entire value chain. IoT experts with specialist knowledge, the latest technology, top security standards and a large partner network contribute to this success.


Based on a complete ecosystem, leading specialists are available along the entire value chain. Internal and external specialists provide support. The latter have been verified and are thus Enterprise IoT-qualified partners.


The support offered by Enterprise IoT experts saves you time, thereby reducing your time to market. By taking advantage of our extensive experience, you incur fewer costs and errors throughout the implementation.


Safety measures and end-to-end connectivity create an ideal foundation, meaning that security risks can be recognised and minimised early on.

You can take advantage of these benefits with professional services, rapid prototyping, IoT security and holistic service management.

Professional services provide specialist knowledge to assist you with implementing your IoT projects. The services are divided into engineering services and project management services. IoT engineers advise you on the most efficient way of achieving your objectives and project managers ensure that this is successful.

Die vier Phasen: Planning Phase, Design Phase, Build Phase und Run Phase

Our experts will support you and your project regardless of the phase it is currently in.


Possible areas of application:


  • Technical requirement analysis
  • Hardware configuration
  • Software development
  • Integration work
  • PoC planning
  • PoC implementation
  • Roll-out implementation
  • Training
  • Solution design
  • ...

Project management

Possible areas of application:


  • Business requirements analysis
  • Project design
  • Project management
  • Project planning and coordination
  • Partner management
  • Project progress checks
  • General contractor
  • Hardware supply
  • ...

Start the iterative test process with a prototype so you can identify vulnerabilities and rate the necessary parameters of your IoT solution. A prototype adds efficiency to the early stages of an IoT project (e.g. during the test, PoC or pilot phase).

Die vier Phasen: Planning Phase, Design Phase, Build Phase und Run Phase

Swisscom helps you close security loopholes in your IoT project. For example, you can take advantage of fully automated company software created by cyber security experts with decades of experience. Vulnerabilities are identified and IP cameras, routers and printers are all covered. In this way, you can check the firmware of IoT applications yourself in no time, both before and after commissioning.

Die vier Phasen: Planning Phase, Design Phase, Build Phase und Run Phase

End-to-end connectivity, access to the portal and reliable support are guaranteed. For critical applications, Swisscom can guarantee the availability of the network and the IoT support team. Results are reported on a monthly basis and weighted using a bonus/penalty system.

If necessary, Swisscom can also provide you with a dedicated IoT service manager.

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