IoT Tracking & Monitoring

IoT tracking and monitoring for complete control

With Business IoT solutions from Swisscom, you can easily and seamlessly monitor, track and manage data, deliveries, materials or processes. Our Internet of Things experts support you from the design of the tracking and monitoring solution through to selection of the right hardware and system integration. 

Your benefits

All services as Data as a Service from a single source

Our solution covers your use cases

Scalable and extendible, for example with more data



When is it the right solution?

Swisscom’s IoT tracking and monitoring system solutions are intended for companies that want to track, monitor and manage valuable data, important deliveries, costly material or business-critical processes. All solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any IT system.

What’s in it for you:

  • Individual IoT tracking and monitoring solution
  • Wide selection of Internet of Things hardware for tracking and monitoring
  • Operation on our Device & Data Hub or Microsoft Azure

Why Swisscom?

  • Simple: one partner for everything – from IoT connection to system integration and operation.
  • Suitable: the best solution with the right technologies and platforms for you.
  • Experience: we have implemented more than 700 IoT projects in recent years.

Getting started with IoT

Choose the right solution for you

How about a no-obligation IoT trial for 6 months? We provide you with standard solutions at a fixed price. 

Areas of application for IoT tracking & monitoring


With our IoT tracking system solutions, you can seamlessly track individual deliveries or entire supply chains.

  • Products and goods
  • Containers, load carriers and reusable products
  • Cold chains and supply chains
  • Equipment and machines
  • Vehicles  
  • People 


Our system solutions let you manage all data and settings and monitor all functions.

  • Control the connection
  • Monitor battery life
  • Update firmware
  • Process the data from sensors
  • Enrich data
  • Set alarms, such as for geozones


With our IoT monitoring system solutions, you can optimise processes and minimise the use of resources.

  • Automate, simplify and improve processes
  • Optimise planning  
  • Identify patterns (usage)
  • Reduce storage times  
  • Increase capacity utilisation 
  • Alert
  • Prevent theft or misuse 
  • Guarantee security
  • Find things faster
  • Minimise the use of resources

Three steps to your tracking and monitoring solution


In a first step, we work with you to design your IoT project based on your specific starting point.

How Swisscom supports you

Together with you, we check the requirements that have to be met for your IoT project. Are the objects to be tracked in locked rooms or do you require an extra-long battery life, for example.

Hardware & sensors

Platforms and connection to business systems

  • “We need to know where different pieces of machinery can be deployed, their movement patterns and their power.”   

    Christian Schollenberger, Head of Group IT

    Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group


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IoT Day 2022 on 11 May

Familiarise yourself with the latest IoT technologies and our rapidly growing ecosystem.


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Use Cases for IoT tracking and IoT monitoring

Tracking and monitoring cold chains 

To meet the high quality requirements in food production and distribution, cold chains have to be monitored continuously and all item information logged. 


Our solution

We developed individual IoT temperature loggers with BLE sniffing localisation for our customer. All data is transferred to a Microsoft Azure cloud environment over the LoRaWAN low power network. The data is processed and all the devices managed from here.

Tracking and monitoring of measuring runs

Tracking and monitoring of medical technology

White papers and other information

IoT access technologies

Within the Internet of Things, devices connect using different technologies, from WLAN to 5G, depending on use case.

More details

IoT driving innovation

Overcoming hurdles in IoT projects

Talk to us about individual IoT tracking and IoT monitoring solutions. We will be happy to advise you and implement your projects.