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Smart Building

  • Smart building solutions

    intelligent & scalable

Complex needs –
unique solution

You’ll receive a bespoke solution, including hardware and full servicing for your facility management if desired. Ideal for companies in property management, hospitality and the health sector.


With smart building solutions from Swisscom, you’ll benefit from years of expertise in designing solutions and operating critical infrastructure, as well as a specialised partner network.

Use Cases

  • Not just a mop with a motor

    Use the most innovative technology on the market and help make your cleaning staff even more productive. The Avidbot Neo specialises in autonomous cleaning of large areas.


    > Avidbots Video

  • One sensor − countless possibilities

    The Multisense incorporates many types of sensor in one small, affordable device. Suitable for every situation:


    • Detecting opening doors​
    • Measuring temperature and humidity​
    • Triggering motion alarms
    • Detecting workplace occupancy​
    • General service button
  • Space booked but not used?

    Supplement your facility management system with the actual space and workplace occupancy and carry out targeted noise measurements. Optimise your location’s capacities and increase employee satisfaction.

Taking advantage of smart building opportunities

Start small, implement quickly, scale easily

Smart building solutions don’t have to be complex and expensive. Take advantage of the possibilities of networks for your building and you’ll learn how you can make your facility management even more efficient and modern.

IoT in facility management

Want to improve your facility management using data and carry out simple quality checks? Find your individual solution thanks to our expertise and partner network. We provide comprehensive support and guidance − from strategy to implementation.

IoT in the health sector

Want to monitor the temperature and humidity of your pharmaceutical refrigerators? Want to track materials or automatically trigger alarms? We have the right solution for you. Offer your patients new services and simplify processes for your employees.


Contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

Roger Kaspar

Head of Sales Internet of Things

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