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Smart Metering

Communicate with your customers bidirectionally and in real time. Smart metering with connectivity solutions from Swisscom makes this possible.

Based on the strictest international security standards, and without requiring prior investments in network configuration, smart metering makes new forms of customer interaction possible for public utilities from all sectors. It can be rolled out quickly and efficiently using standardised technologies and tried-and-tested, existing infrastructures. Swisscom offers you the optimal infrastructure for smart metering.



Swisscom’s connectivity solutions for smart metering are based on the renowned Connectivity Management Platform, using secure APN (private IPs on SIM, secure connection, full control), IMSI/IMEI pairing (security) and a complete API set for integration in your MDM or ERP system.


Benefits of smart metering with Swisscom networks

Improve your customer relationships by joining forces with the best provider in Switzerland.


New wireless technologies on the redundant Swisscom infrastructure enable bidirectional transmission even, for example, in places where current mobile reception is impaired by reinforced concrete ceilings.

Secure data management

Meter data is protected, non-format-dependent and is forwarded in real time to your data centre. The data remains in Switzerland.

Flexibility based
on modularity

The option of a modular addition of supplementary services and flexible network connection is guaranteed for all standard metering instruments.

Best network* without labour-intensive operation

Swisscom’s infrastructure is managed and operated around the clock to the highest standards. The smart meter service provider can concentrate fully on meter data management and customer service.

Market growth and new technologies encourage smart metering

The use of smart metering will not only allow you to consolidate your customer relationships, but will also prepare you optimally for future changes.

The amended Energy Act states that 80% of all measurement devices in a measuring area must be converted to smart meters by the end of 2027.

Smart metering by means of the mobile network ensures that no investments need to be made in network expansion, and that you will benefit from state-of-the-art security standards.

Narrowband-IoT with very good coverage and penetration capacity, along with LTE Cat M1 for higher data rates, are two Low-Power Wide-Area technologies. Supplemented by the energy-saving Swisscom Low Power Network, they make elementary connectivity possible for IoT applications.


The image to the technologies

Disclaimer: All information is dependent on the solution application in question and the quantities. The specified theoretical values are given in accordance with the technical specification/standards of the respective access technology. All wireless technologies provided by Swisscom are based on “best effort”.


Please also note that the topography, the terrain, the existing infrastructure, as well as the number of users can influence the respective availability and quality of the services. Furthermore, it should be noted that the stated supply is based on predictions that do not cover all the subtleties of the propagation characteristics of a radio signal. We therefore ask for your understanding that the current presentation is an approximate indication and that Swisscom does not assume any liability for the specified radio coverage accordingly.

Choose smart metering in Swisscom networks

You can benefit from a comprehensive asset package with an IoT solution from Swisscom.


Place your trust in 20 years of IoT experience.


Swisscom is one of the top 5 telcos worldwide.


Outstanding IoT time-to-market increases your likelihood of success.


Your data remains in Switzerland on a reliable infrastructure.


Contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

Roger Kaspar

Head of Sales Internet of Things

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*Best mobile network in Switzerland, winner of CHIP trade magazine’s (5/18) mobile network test.