Why you need IT outsourcing:

  • Reduce your IT department’s workload and enhance innovation
  • Outsourcing is more focused and cost-effective
  • Outsourcing makes Swisscom part of your value chain

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“Do what you can best and
outsource the rest”

(Peter Ferdinand Drucker, US economist, 1909-2005)

The benefits of making Swisscom your IT outsourcing service provider

With its range of ITO services, Swisscom assumes full responsibility for running part or all of your IT landscape – up to and including managing the relevant processes. As a result, our experts reduce your workload so you can focus on enhancing your innovative strength and developing new business models.

Our experience

By making Swisscom your outsourcing partner of choice, you can tap into a wealth of experience and knowledge built up over 20 years. Our experts will support you in all your current and future IT activities. And if you wish, they will also assume full responsibility for your IT landscape.

How you save time

Innovative services designed to give you that all-important competitive edge take time to implement, but often fail because you don’t have enough people. Our IT outsourcing (ITO) services take the pressure off your IT department, freeing it up to focus on other new and exciting activities.

How you save money

New technologies such as IoT and AI require comprehensive know-how, which is often expensive to acquire. But thanks to our experts, you’ll reach your destination not only more quickly, but also more cheaply than using IT staff that you’ve recruited or trained up yourself.

The basis for our outsourcing services lies in our portfolio – from A to Z:

Our IT outsourcing services

Infrastructure Services

Operation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

Applications Services

Support for all applications over the entire life cycle.

Comprehensive Services

Service desk, operation management, cloud, security, project and innovation services.

Full Service

We take care all your IT infrastructure, including HR and assets, with responsibility for continued operation and development.

Practice makes perfect!

Present Mode of Operation

We take care of operations in their current form.

Transformation Mode of Operation

The transformation of operations and organisation.

Future Mode of Operation

Optimised future operations by Swisscom.

Innovation Mode of Operation

The deployment of innovative methods and technologies to constantly improve operations.

This is what our customers are saying

Dell President’s Awards

As part of the “Dell Technologies Partner of the Year 2019” partner awards, Swisscom received the Swiss President’s Award in recognition of, among other things, the cloud service provider and reseller’s ability to successfully position Dell’s portfolio of solutions.


Dell launched its own IT outsourcing services data center. supporting a computing power of almost 1,000 W per square meter and made Swisscom its partner of choice in the venture.

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