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Business digitalisation

Business digitalisation

Higher levels of efficiency
thanks to smarter processes

Lean processes, more efficient use of resources and low production costs are crucial competitive advantages in the globalised world. The Internet of Things and M2M applications are digitalising technologies that help you use these competitive advantages to your benefit. Thanks to smart products and M2M-based procedures, you have access to a large amount of data. Important information can be derived from this, which makes it easier to improve quality, whilst at the same time controlling costs. The resources used can be optimised based on the data, which in turn leads to corresponding savings. Plants can also be more effectively monitored and faults and interruptions detected and remedied early – in the best-case scenario, even before they actually occur.

Products and solutions

Swisscom is one of the most innovative partners in M2M and IoT applications in the world. Our solutions distinguish themselves through scalability, technology neutrality and the highest security standards. Discover how you can integrate the solutions into your environment quickly and easily.

Digitalized Business Processes


Achieving service excellence

Optimisation of use

Improved safety and reliability

Lean processes, more efficient use of resources and low production costs are crucial competitive advantages in the globalised world. Key components of digitalisation such as the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine applications help consolidate these competitive advantages.

Smart products and M2M-based procedures provide access to large amounts of data. Important information for increasing quality can be derived from these, optimising the utilisation of resources and leading to corresponding savings. Plants can be more effectively monitored and faults and interruptions detected and remedied early – ideally, before they even occur.

Achieving service excellence

Connected environments create the ideal environment for optimising service. It allows service organisations which were mainly reactive to become more proactive. Thanks to data-based analysis of use scenarios, new services can be developed that are much more oriented towards customers.


  • Proactive administration and prioritisation of customer service calls
  • Gain valuable information on product use, leading to new service offers
  • Preventive maintenance & remote troubleshooting

Optimisation of use

Smart products such as a networked logistics fleet allow utilisation to be visualised, thus enabling more control. In addition, scheduling and maintenance of vehicles can be instantly adapted according to information on status and surroundings.


  • Up to 20% saving in use of resources due to optimised route planning
  • Reduced downtime thanks to anticipatory repairs and maintenance
  • Easy modification of scheduling and dynamic route optimisation using predefined priorities

Improved safety and reliability

M2M solutions monitor the environment and status of networked products and processes in real time. This leads to optimised business processes and high quality.


  • Simple representation and monitoring of product conditions (e.g. temperature status of medical products in transit)
  • Optimised warehouse stocks (e.g. efficient filling of drinks dispensers)
  • Protection of plants and staff by anticipatory maintenance and automation of hazardous processes

Facts & Figures

Control processes
in real-time

Manufacturers receive a comprehensive overview of every individual stage of the production process via the Internet of Things (IoT) and can make adjustments in real-time, in order to guarantee a continuous flow of goods and prevent errors.

McKinsey Global Institute 
The Internet of Thing: Mapping the value beyond the hype


10 Billion of 1.5 Trillion

Untapped potential

Only 0.06% of things that can be connected to the internet are actually currently interconnected – this corresponds to 10 billion of the 1.5 trillion things in existence throughout the world.

Best Computer Science Degrees
Understanding the Internet of Things: Towards a Smart Planet



New opportunities

The Internet of Things (IoT) improves machine maintenance and makes it more proactive. This means that downtime can be reduced by up to 50% and, thanks to the longer useful life, capital expenditure in the infrastructure can be reduced by up to 5%.

McKinsey Global Institute
The Internet of Thing: Mapping the value beyond the hype

Getting started with M2M

Are you interested in M2M? We can offer you the package for a successful start.


Regardless of which stage your M2M plans are at, contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you. We will be pleased to organise an inspiring workshop for you to give your M2M project the necessary momentum.

Starting offer

Swisscom supports you in the development of your own M2M applications and in developing these further. Get yourself off to a professional start with a Developer Kit or trial offer, including all of the necessary tools as well as comprehensive services and support services.


Current studies, practical case studies and exciting trends on the subject of M2M can be found free-of-charge in our Download Center.


Would you like to find out more about the benefits M2M could offer your company? We would be glad to advise you. Contact our experts.

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