NATEL® business infinity plus & business data

NATEL® subscriptions for every need
Make phone calls, surf and send SMS/MMS on an unlimited basis
  Included roaming days for calls and SMS/MMS when abroad

Select the right mobile subscription for each employee

With the NATEL® business infinity plus subscriptions for smartphones and NATEL® business data subscriptions for tablets and notebooks, you have optimal control over mobile communication costs. Benefit from the attractive flat rates for enterprises in Switzerland and included days abroad.

Your expert

Driton Saliu

Director Tender Offering Management

This is NATEL® business infinity plus

  • Unlimited calls, SMS/MMS and mobile data in Switzerland
  • Subscriptions with various speeds for different applications and purposes
  • Included days for calls, SMS/MMS and mobile data in western Europe and the EU in the higher-grade subscriptions
  • Data transmission via GPRS, UMTS, HSPA+ or LTE
  • COMBOX® pro included for free in the subscription
  • Easy ordering of additional data packages when abroad via Cockpit. Cost control for data transmission when abroad with the help of data packages and limits in the cockpit
  • Easy and comfortable management of subscriptions online

Your benefits

  • Enhance productivity: Your employees are always connected to the Swisscom mobile network and can work productively anywhere. Even when abroad you can benefit from maximum mobile coverage thanks to Swisscom’s more than 600 roaming partners
  • Gain competitive advantages: Mobilise your business processes so that you can get a step ahead of your competition
  • Stress-free and budgetable: With limits for data transmissions and included roaming days for calls, SMS/MMS when abroad as well as flat rates for calls, SMS/MMS and surfing in Switzerland, you can maintain control over mobile communication costs at all times

Clever combinations: Subscriptions for the mobile phone and data subscriptions for notebook/tablet

Combine the NATEL® business infinity plus smartphone subscription with the NATEL® business data subscription for your notebook or tablet. That way, you are always connected to the Swisscom mobile network on an unlimited basis when on the go.

For employees for whom simple, mobile accessibility is the main focus, NATEL® company with its three levels of subscriptions is the ideal choice.

The mobile network

Swisscom is already investing in the next generation (5G) mobile network. With the mobile network of the future, Swisscom wants to set new standards.

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There are already more than 2,200 hotspots in Switzerland. When a hotspot is in range, simply start your Internet browser to go online – no need for any cables or additional software. 

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