Mobility for Work

Employee self-management of devices and subscriptions
Granting of authorisation via voucher system
Support from Swisscom experts

Increase your customers’ satisfaction through device and subscription self-management

The transition to an employee-focused company is a crucial pillar of the digital transformation. Mobility for Work is a first step in this direction. It enables your company to allow your employees to manage devices and subscriptions. They can choose a device and subscription from a shared portal, subject to parameters laid down by your company, and then order and manage them themselves. This reduces your administrative workload and costs.

This is Mobility for Work

  • You create an individual device and subscription portfolio
  • Your employees order devices and subscriptions themselves via a voucher system and consult a Swissom channel with any questions or problems
  • You have a complete overview and full cost control

Your benefits

  • Reduced administrative workload and lower costs
  • Easy cost allocation according to subscription. Easily charge unauthorised services to employees
  • You can combine Mobility for Work with additional services (e.g. remote management) and thereby increase the security of mobile devices

In a digitised world, mobile devices are becoming the primary work tool. They are telephones, calendars, document stores, mailboxes, computers and sources of information and inspiration, all in one. With Mobility for Work, you are laying the foundation for efficient acquisition and management of these devices in the future.