Deactivation of the "Fixnet SMS" service

Deactivation of the "Fixnet SMS" service

Dear Sir and Madam,


A lot has changed since the introduction of the SMS service for the fixed network 12 years ago. Around four fifths of the population now have a smartphone. These offer numerous possibilities for sending messages via third-party apps like WhatsApp or Skype. And these developments have a direct impact on the fixed-network SMS service. The number of users has dropped dramatically.


Just as we are continually developing our network, we also adjust our services on an ongoing basis in line with the current possibilities and customer requirements. This however also means that we no longer invest in outdated services, when customer demand is dropping continuously.


This is the case with the fixed network SMS service, which will be deactivated completely from June 2018. Please therefore note that it will no longer be possible to send SMS via a fixed network telephone from June 2018. From this time onwards, you will only be able to receive SMS on your mobile devices.


We would be happy to advise you about alternative communication solutions.

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