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Mobile Bonus Business:

Sell Mobiles And Tablets

Sell your old mobiles and tablets.
Your contribution to sustainability pays off.

  Offer within 48 hours
  Free transport
  Certified data erasure
  2 payment options

This is Mobile Bonus Business

Do something good for our environment with Mobile Bonus Business and earn money at the same time when you exchange or return your mobile phone. Because we buy your used mobiles and tablets and give them a second life. The free service guarantees the security of your data with a certified deletion process and is also available to companies that are not Swisscom customers. It does not matter whether your old devices are intact or broken.

Your benefits

  • As soon the devices are valued, you will be offered a guaranteed buyback price
  • The devices will be picked up at your place
  • All data will be removed from the devices by a special software called blancco
  • You can choose between two payment options: either you receive a payment by bank transfer or you can donate the profit to SOS-Kinderdorf


With Mobile Bonus Business you make the most of your old mobile phone – secure and ecological.

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Your expert

Driton Saliu

Director Tender Offering Management

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How it works

Sell your old mobiles and tablets with Swisscom Mobile Bonus Business


Our partner: RS Switzerland

Swisscom is offering a service for selling used mobile phones in collaboration with RS Switzerland.

RS Switzerland is the Swiss subsidiary of the Recommerce Solutions group, founded in 2014 and based in Freiburg.

We believe in economic and technological development that is compatible with sustainable development on the electronics market by supporting Recommerce. This involves recovering used products, reconditioning them and selling them on while respecting economic, social and ecological constraints and obligations.

We are working with Réalise, a professional reintegration company based in Geneva that helps workers to develop skills through work experience. Our partner deals primarily with receiving and recording devices, and processing (with different tests) and deleting data from each mobile that is sold on to us.


of all devices are going to be resold by e-commerce.

RS Switzerland, 2015


of all devices are going to be sold to several retailer.

RS Switzerland, 2015


of all devices are going to be repaired.

RS Switzerland, 2015


of all devices are going to be exported to emerging markets.

RS Switzerland, 2015


of all devices are going to be recycled by the partner SWICO.

RS Switzerland, 2015

More about SOS Children’s Villages and the Mobile Phone 4 Development project

All children should grow up as part of a family - loved, respected and protected. SOS Children’s Villages gives children in need in 133 countries a family, helps them to shape their futures themselves and contributes to the development of their communities.

Together with SOS Children’s Villages Switzerland, Swisscom supports the Mobile Phone 4 Development project as part of a prevention program in Nepal. Families, especially single mothers, are given support and help to increase their income, in order to ensure that children to stay with their families. This sustainably improves the social position and future prospects of the children.

In the context of the Mobile Phone 4 Development project, SMS messages about hygiene, health, education and parenting are sent at regular intervals. Mobile phones are also a status symbol among the poorest families. Most of the women supported have a mobile phone but are illiterate. With the support of literacy courses they gain reading and writing skills to learn to read the SMS messages. At the same time they gain negotiation skills in order to be able to assert themselves more effectively in their communities.

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