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Communicating and collaborating anywhere, at any time – with flexible communication, collaboration and storage solutions

A quarter of employees in Switzerland are already working mobile several times a month, and work outside the traditional workplace and traditional working hours will continue to grow. One reason is that the globalised economy does not recognise one-size-fits-all office hours. Another is that the mobilisation of communications, collaboration, data usage and storage enables considerable process improvements in the widest variety of scenarios.

When travelling, at home and during customer and supplier visits, but also within organisations, in consulting or for project teams.

More specifically, flexible working can minimise travel activities and enable the remaining travel time to be used more productively. One of the effects of this is to reduce the CO2 footprint of a company. Customers can also be served more quickly and precisely where they want. But mobile forms of working not only increase productivity and protect the environment. Numerous studies have shown that they already improve employee satisfaction.

An extensive and carefully planned infrastructure is required for working from home, for mobile communication and collaboration and for centralised data storage. Included in such infrastructure are tailored communications services, applications customised for mobile data use, and secure online data storage services with the ability to access business data on the move. Swisscom advises businesses and organisations as they move towards mobile working and customer scenarios, on high-availability online backup solutions and also acts as a single source for all components of their solution.

How things work at Swisscom

Insight: Swisscom was a co-launcher of the Home Office Day

Swisscom is a co-sponsor of the Home Office Day jointly with Microsoft, SBB and Witzig The Office Company. Among the supporters of the national day for the promotion of flexible working time models are the WWF, the Federal Energy Authority, the ETH and politicians from all of the major parties. As a co-initiator, Swisscom has been enabling most of its employees to work from home since 2010. The introduction of this new form of work not only demanded the implementation of new technical solutions and the removal of old systems. The use of technology also had to be practised, fears had to be addressed and new forms of collaboration had to be learned. Read our tips here and benefit from our experience.

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Universal communication

Mobile, VoIP and collaboration tools focused on the specific needs of the business enable teamwork independently of locations.

Establishing home office capability

A secure and user-friendly communications and collaboration infrastructure, including the seamless integration of mobile work resources, enables home office support and other flexible working models.

Cloud storage services

High-availability storage services ensure that employees, business partners and customers can access company data at all times, regardless of the device they are using to access it, and can work together on documents.