Cloud storage services

Cloud storage services


Cloud storage


Shared use and central storage of data – with cloud-based storage services

Every day, employees on the move and external business partners as well as customers need access to company information – whether a product data sheet, up-to-date project documentation or draft contracts. Reliable access to online backups of critical data must also always be available. The centralised data storage services needed for this are subject to strict requirements regarding availability, security and confidentiality. For example, it must be possible to log and track each access, and data must be transmitted and stored in encrypted form. Some industries also prohibit the storage of data outside of the country.

Operating your own online storage infrastructure is a costly and complex exercise that requires major investments.

Cloud-based services provide a flexible alternative. Swisscom's business cloud storage solutions enable businesses, employees and other authorised parties to centrally store all required data, access it anytime, anywhere, from any device, collaborate on documents and share them. Monitoring solutions enable detailed oversight of sensitive applications and access devices. Back-up services ensure that critical data is independently backed up, and it is always guaranteed that all data will remain in Switzerland.

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