Establishing home office capability

Establishing home office capability


Establishing home

office capability

Establishing flexible working models – with user-friendly home office solutions

Those who are able to work from home in addition to their commitments within the company are happier, take fewer breaks, take fewer sick leaves, and are more productive overall.

Studies have shown that home office working is possible for around 50 per cent of employees in Switzerland and provides benefits for both employee and employer alike.

However, changes in flexible working models also require management, because if implemented incorrectly, it can have negative effects, among them too-complicated processes or the need for correction.

Effective integration into company networks and suitable software and communication tools are fundamental requirements to enable home office working to be a win-win situation for businesses and employees. To be able to make optimum use of the benefits, all collaboration and communication opportunities, from telephone to e-mail, from video conferencing to chat, from collaboration platforms to virtual work areas, need to be just as easily accessible from home as they are from the fixed office workstation. Seamless integration of mobile work resources such as smartphones, tablets and networks further increases flexibility. Swisscom offers an extensive portfolio of communications and collaboration solutions (UCC) that can enable easy and secure access to all applications and data from the home office or mobile devices and allow efficient collaboration with all other employees and external partners. Experienced specialists assist businesses from planning to implementation and operation of the solutions.

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