Universal communication

Universal communication




Universal communication and collaboration – with the right mobile and collaboration infrastructure

The demands put upon communications solutions are growing alongside increased mobile working and the spread of project work.

Employees want to be able to use modern tools as easily as they do in the office and want to be able to use their smartphones and tablets to do so.

The company wants to drive teamwork forward using collaboration tools and to minimise the time and costs needed for travel.

A powerful and future-proofed infrastructure for universal communication no longer simply includes the basic IP telephony (VoIP) and mobile telephony services, but also all tools needed for productive collaboration, for example in the form of a UCC (unified communication and collaboration) platform. It must be focused on the needs of the company, expertly implemented, and must also be operated securely, reliably and cost-effectively. This includes in particular the uniform management of all tools, from devices and applications to mobile networks throughout their entire lifecycle.

Swisscom serves as a single source for the full range of communication and collaboration solutions. They can be tailored precisely to meet the specific needs of a business, and operated either internally within the business or run as a managed service, depending on the needs.

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Managed Communications & Collaboration Microsoft

With Microsoft technology and Skype for Business, Exchange and SharePoint, you get voice and video telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop-sharing, e-mail and document management. Find out more now.

Managed Communications & Collaboration Cisco

Telephony service from the Swisscom data centre. By using Cisco technology, you have voice and video telephony, instant messaging, presence management, desktop-sharing and video conferencing. Find out more now.

Microsoft® Office 365

Office in the Cloud, including Swisscom support: with Outlook/Exchange, SharePoint for joint editing of documents, Skype for Business, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. Find out more about Office 365.

Corporate Mobile Network (CMN and NATEL® data basic)

The mobile subscription for your company with individual tariff models. You always get the best connection for your smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Managed Service On Premises

A communication solution from Swisscom based on technology by Unify. The solution is operated by Swisscom on your premises. Find out more about Managed Service On Premises.

NATEL® business infinity plus & business data

Get the right mobile subscription for every connection: flat rates for smartphones, data subscriptions for tablets and notebooks and pay-per-use mobile subscriptions.


A solution based on your individual needs. Tell us what you need & Swisscom will provide it for you. Discover the possibilities of system integration now.

COMBOX® pro & Professional Voice

The COMBOX® pro is your mobile answerphone with an acoustic business card. Your customers will be impressed by your professional COMBOX® message.

Swisscom Sharespace

Swisscom Sharespace provides the latest generation of the intranet: virtual workspaces thanks to individually expandable modules based on SharePoint 2013. Find out more about Sharespace from Swisscom.

Mobile Device Portfolio

Conveniently order the right smartphone or tablet for your business needs online: iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Mobile Device Services: Lifecycle Management

Manage your mobile devices efficiently and conveniently online through their entire lifecycle: portfolio, ordering, repairs, support, etc.

Remote Access Service

Enables you to access your company network anytime, anywhere.

Remote Access Service

Enables you to access your company network anytime, anywhere.

Managed Business Communication

Modern telephony solution at a fixed monthly price. Ideal for small and medium enterprises and companies with a branch structure. Find out more about Managed Business Communication now.

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