Optimum ICT infrastructure

Optimum ICT infrastructure



ICT infrastructure

Customised on-premises and outsourcing solutions

Because no two businesses are alike, the right ICT solutions for them also vary, tailored to specific needs to enable businesses to overcome their unique challenges. While one business might generate all the flexibility they need by means of cloud services, the other might need their own data centre as a critical element of their business success. For most businesses, the ideal path lies somewhere between these two extremes.

Regardless of their specific business model, almost all businesses today need to be able to deal with market conditions changing at an ever faster pace and with increasing technical complexity.

On top of this, the vast majority are faced with increasing cost pressure. In such an environment, it is critical to have a partner in whom a business can put their trust. The larger a partner's portfolio and experience, the more flexibly and more independently it is possible to develop tailored and optimised solutions together. This also increases the agility and synergy benefits that can be derived from such a solution.

Swisscom offers an extensive portfolio in the field of ICT and IT infrastructure, ranging from consulting on strategy and architecture to planning and procurement to the efficient implementation and operation of the solution. Agile ICT solutions require tailored server, storage, network and workplace solutions, all of which Swisscom offers, including complete data centre infrastructures, system integration, IT outsourcing, managed services, business process support and cloud solutions.


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Optimising your IT infrastructure

Converged Data Centre Solutions provide businesses with extensive support in developing and optimising their own server, storage and network infrastructure.

Workstation hardware

Tailored workplace services help businesses to find the ideal IT workstation strategy and they assist in the management of all devices used, including a bring-your-own device scheme (BYOD).

Workstation software

Application services help businesses to implement the most suitable software infrastructure for different user groups, and to efficiently manage this over the course of the solution's entire lifecycle.

Systems integration

Systems integration helps businesses expertly integrate information, systems and processes. The services offered encompass all phases, from consulting to testing.