Developing your data centre infrastructure with Swisscom Enterprise

Optimising your IT infrastructure


Optimising your

IT infrastructure

Optimise your IT infrastructure and make it more flexible – with Converged Data Centre Solutions

IT infrastructures are under constant pressure to be optimised. Costs need to be cut and performance improved, while the demands imposed on flexibility are also rising. Departments need fast solutions that they can obtain with at little complexity as possible. Added to this is the unabated progress of technological development.

What were once systems of the future have now become past legacies, and are in need of replacement. New technologies must be evaluated and introduced.

In this challenging environment, businesses need to be able to rely on an expert partner to help them in the background to find optimum solutions, reduce expenditure and workloads, keep a clear perspective and reduce the burden on the internal ICT team.

Swisscom's Converged Data Centre Solutions provides businesses with extensive support in the conception, planning, procurement and implementation of their physical and virtual server, storage and network infrastructure. SwissPod is just one of the ready-to-use private cloud solutions available. End-to-end managed services ensure reliable operations and optimised systems maintenance.

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Converged Data Center Solutions

Your virtualised data center solution with server, storage and network, supplemented with Swisscom services.

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Let our experts help you to adapt your data centre architecture to the new ICT requirements and benefit from the combination with cloud computing.

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