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SAP Process & System Integration

Systems integration




Optimum use and integration of SAP – with systems integration

The more complex IT system landscapes are, the more important integration of individual solutions to form complete seamless solutions becomes. This applies in particular to SAP environments.

Only when the customer's precise needs are highlighted and efficient connections to internal third-party systems, cloud services and business partners' solutions are established can the competitive advantages of the standard solution be used to optimal effect.

This includes user-friendly portals that make the work of employees easier thanks to role-specific user interfaces.

Swisscom provides businesses with expert support in the integration of information, systems and processes into complex SAP environments, and of SAP into existing system landscapes. The services offered encompass all phases, from expert consulting and planning to customer-specific development, implementation and finally extensive testing under real-world conditions. The great experience of our SAP specialists ensures that projects will be implemented in compliance with budgets and deadlines.

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To us, process integration means: customised services for integrating customers, partners and suppliers into your business processes.

SAP Development

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With Software Testing from Swisscom, you can test the processes, quality and performance of SAP and other standard solutions under real conditions.

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