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The right workstation software for each employee – with application services covering the entire lifecycle

The world of work is changing – depending on the role being performed, current work demand or preferences, an employee might take the traditional approach of working at a fixed workplace, operating mobile at different locations, or working from a home office. This also changes the demands imposed upon the software.

Their use of the applications must adapt flexibly to the different needs of the employees and of the business.

Swisscom helps businesses to find the most suitable software infrastructure for the various different user groups and the company as a whole, and to efficiently manage it over the course of the solution's entire lifecycle. Among the services included are the management of desktop and mobile rich client workstations, and also virtual workstations (VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). The judicious planning of the software provided (in the form of software packaging, software installation, software dispatch) ensures that employees have an optimised workplace, which in turn helps to reduce costs.

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Rich Workplace

Holistic management solution for client workplaces, including software distribution, software packaging, asset management and best-practice security.

Mobile Device Services: Remote Management

Centrally control smartphones and tablets, as well as their apps and documents. Securely connect devices to the company network.

Connected Workplace Service

Holistic management solution for virtual workplaces including administration of business applications. Central data storage in the Swisscom data centre.

Software Packaging

Efficient deployment of software and easy distribution of applications in your workplace. Swisscom deals with everything from analysis to quality assurance. Find out about Software Packaging now.

Client Migration and Rollout

Efficient, secure migration of workplace systems such as Windows or Office. Swisscom checks application compatibility for the new system and implements the rollout. Find out about Client Migration and Rollout now.

Dynamic Workplace Framework

Agile framework for your workplace environment at a fixed monthly price. Available for Rich Workplace and Connected Workplace platforms. Find out about Dynamic Workplace Framework now.

Commercial Business

Optimum hardware and software acquisition thanks to Swisscom. The product range includes around 60,000 items. You benefit from the favourable terms and conditions of Swisscom as a bulk purchaser. Find out about Commercial Business.

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