Analytics: enables you to use the right key figures and representations in conjunction with clear statements in order to underpin your corporate strategy

Today, analytics has come to form a key component of digital solutions and enables companies to create entirely new business models. Do you know what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are relevant to your company? Do you know who needs these, how often, and to what depth they are needed in order to achieve your corporate goals?

We will provide you with recommendations, based not only on interviews, but also on a review of your current system landscape (method devised by the TDWI Institute). In the case of SAP S/4, we make use of the SAP Activate method.

The Smart Data Potential analysis makes it possible for new applications from the advanced analytics domain to be identified quickly and their success to be estimated. Let us show you how processes can be optimised and new business opportunities can be identified, by deploying predictive algorithms to gauge the opportunities that lie within your own data. Our Smart Data Lab offers you a Spark/Hadoop-based big data infrastructure and makes it possible to gain experience within a very short time.

If desired, we will incorporate ICBS (previously known as Hichert Notation), which will help you develop a uniform and easily readable reporting system within your company. This will provide you with an efficient way of compiling authoritative reports.

If required, we will make use of the CRISP-DM data science method.

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Martin Gutmann

Head of Analytics & Data Consulting

Help your business move forward by using analytics methods that are both effective and efficient!


Plotting the right course using the right KPIs.


Discovering and using predictive, smart and big data.

Keeping risks
to a minimum

Thanks to the use of established methods and prepared templates.


Thanks to clear, authoritative reports.


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establishing international networks is possible

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