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Application Lifecycle Management

The only certified Run SAP Partner in Switzerland
Rapid linking of business and IT
IT relevance made transparent

A holistic view of an IT solution

The holistic management of an application across its entire lifecycle generates massive advantages. Also when it comes to corporate governance. Increasingly, validation guidelines (auditing and regulations) and the ability to track change requests have to be complied with.

Your expert

Daniel Laib

ALM Senior Consultant

Key facts at a glance

As part of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), we develop, test, monitor, support and update your IT.


  • Management strategy in the lifecycle of a solution and its applications
  • The strategy includes customer requests, design, development, installation, maintenance and support. On the basis of ITIL, the dependencies and impact of IT and business are made transparent within ALM.
  • Application Lifecycle Management helps to analyse and understand the complexity of the impact and dependencies in the system

Essentially, the overall ALM process consists of two parts: “Build SAP like a Factory” and “Run SAP like a Factory”

The former covers the development steps from project management and solution documentation to change, test and release management, and finally to incident, problem and request management. “Run SAP like a Factory” includes services for application operation, validation, maintenance, optimisation and security

Your benefits

  • Enhance productivity
  • Transparent tracking and tracing
  • Faster ROI with a win-win approach
  • Standardised fundamentals
  • Clear methods and procedures: everything from a single source


Our consulting competence related to the implementation of the SAP Solution Manager extends to the following areas:


  • Conception and development of ALM fundamentals and standards
  • Configuration of the SAP Solution Manager and integration of peripheral systems
  • Development of sustainable solution documentation
  • Development and implementation of change request management
  • Operational monitoring
  • Business process monitoring