Quicker, better decisions
Multi-dimensional data analysis
Reporting at the push of a button

Gaining meaningful information from large quantities of data with Business Intelligence

With our solutions for Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, you can increase productivity and ensure transparent business processes throughout the company. People, information and companies are linked optimally. Thanks to direct access to the required data, your employees can make fast decisions based on facts, and close to the event in question.

Your expert

Martin Gutmann

Head of Analytics & Data Consulting

Key facts at a glance

  • Quicker, better decisions
  • Multi-dimensional data analysis
  • Reporting at the push of a button
  • Constant overview of all key business figures

Your benefits

  • Improved teamwork during the decision-making process, faster decision processes
  • Fast reactions with unplanned events
  • Analysis of huge data quantities with superior performance and scalability 
  • Analysis that are tailored to your sector and your business area
  • Exploit new business chances with foresight, avoid potential risks

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BI strategy

As part of a BI strategy, the experts at Swisscom identify areas where BI creates the most value, which organisational measures need to be initiated and which technology is the most suitable.

  • Aligns BI with the company’s strategy and vision
  • Identifies and evaluates business value and optimisation potentials
  • OEM-independent architecture consulting in terms of frontend, data warehouse, database and big data solutions
  • Best-practice consulting for a high-performance organisational structure and handling of events such as change requests, error messages and quality assurance
  • Suggested actions are concrete and feasible

Predictive Analytics

Predict complex economic correlations using statistical behavior patterns in order to be able to make your decisions future-oriented.

  • Make the right decisions with precise forecasts and successfully plan the future
  • Predictive analytics recognize business opportunities, optimize business processes, forecast customer behavior, uncover fraud cases and identify potential problem areas
  • Short and sweet: Supports entrepreneurs with their decisions, thus achieving a better performance

Enterprise Performance Management / Integrated Business Planning and Consolidation

Connect people, goals and plans into one comprehensive planning system.

  • Plan your goals and break it down to your regions and business units
  • Get accurate and validated forecasts and budgets from decentral entities and consolidate them
  • Connect sales planning with purchasing and production and see how this affects balance sheet, cash flow and P&L
  • Simulate currency and market scenarios

Reporting with S/4 HANA

Use the new possibilities, make the right investments in skills, licenses, hardware and people.

  • Make sure you have the right system landscape for operational reporting, datawarehousing and planning
  • Make good use of data modelling options in HANA native, SAP BW, NonSAP and NOSQL
  • Use the best mix of reporting front-ends from BusinessObjects, EPM-Client, Fiori, Cloud for Analytics to Non-SAP options

Mobile Business Intelligence business data anywhere and anytime: thanks to mobile reports

Mobile solutions for reporting and analysis are increasingly important to modern business. We offer a range of options and would be glad to advise you.

  • Concept design and realisation of mobile reporting and analysis applications
  • Mobile access to reports and cockpits, including online data updates
  • Mobile information system for managers, including Google-style search engine
  • Secure system connections and the best mobile network in Switzerland
  • Implementation as an SAP app, HTML5 website or in-house iOS/Android app for the company’s own or a public app store
  • Responsive development for both desktop or Mobile app with Microsoft, Tableau or Qlik


SAP HANA is an innovative database solution that can rapidly synthesise large data volumes from various systems. Information acquired in this way helps you make quicker, better decisions.

  • Improved decision-making in day-to-day business with real-time information updates
  • Flexible, ad hoc analysis options for exceptional situations and simulations, leveraging massive data volumes from systems of different manufacturers
  • Faster introduction and addition of report content with leaner data models
  • Existing SAP BW systems made faster by migrating to BW on HANA
  • We can help you identify potential value and capture it using a suitable system architecture

Installing complex BI systems

Maintenance must be viewed compressively across all systems boundaries.

  • Installation and configuration of the BI systems
  • Implementation and expansion of the company-wide data warehouse
  • Implementation of reporting and analytics requirements, including end user training and hands-on sessions
  • Specialists in MS SQL, IBM, SAP and Oracle technologies

Flexible operating models: full service for BI systems

Our specialists safeguard continuity and agility in the operation, upkeep, maintenance and further development of your SAP BI systems.

  • Outsourcing and outtasking of Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Business Objects systems
  • Application management for Microsoft SQL Server, SAP BW (3.5-7.x) and SAP BO BI (3.1-4.x) in close cooperation with BI consultants/developers
  • Comprehensive interface management for seamless data integration
  • Cloud services

Data Visualisation

Turn your data in a graphical format, bring them to life.

  • Concept, design and realization of full set of visualisations to enhance the user experience
  • Get more insights, find patterns or trends in a quick, easy way


Cost-efficient and scalable processing and analysis of large volumes of data at high speed: no problem with the Big Data technology Hadoop. We fully support you from consulting, system integration and development to the operation of Hadoop.

SAP Full Service Provider

Support from A to Z: plan-build-run

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