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Customer Relationship Management

Detailed knowledge about all customers
Activities in marketing, sales and service aligned with one another
Common platform for all customer information

SAP CRM – and you know everything about your customers

With SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and related tools, you will have all customer information on a common platform, both operative as well as analytical. For everyone, anytime and anywhere. The easily accessible real-time information is seamlessly integrated into the processing worlds of Office and SAP.

Your expert

Jörg Knaus

Chief Solution Architect

Key facts at a glance

SAP CRM covers all CRM areas with its wide range of functions. Its individual modules are geared towards operative and analytical as well as communicative or collaborative CRM processes. The work processes of marketing, sales and service are merged within a single system – which is a necessity in order to align customer-oriented activities with one another across different departments.

At Swisscom you will find specialists that can create a solution for your specific requirements and needs in marketing, sales and service from the multi-functional CRM portfolio from SAP.

  • Marketing: implementation of targeted, efficient and above all effective campaigns to support your sales activities. SAP CRM is the perfect tool for supporting specific and targeted direct marketing across all required channels
  • Sales and sales management: We help you to identify and utilise the right tools for managing sales in a targeted manner and avoiding unnecessary activities
  • Contact center: SAP CRM and our experience not only help you to convince customers with an efficient feedback culture, but also to analyse customer data in a consistent and structured manner so that market developments can be identified early on
  • After-sales services: with SAP CRM you can manage the required actions and monitor the execution thereof, in order to ensure your customers can rely on fast after-sales service

Your benefits

Competitive benefits thanks to

  • precise knowledge about customers and the market situation,
  • first-rate customer service with correspondingly high customer loyalty and customer satisfaction,
  • faster reactions to market changes as well as faster marketing processes and product launches.


Sales increase through

  • focussing on profitable customers,
  • effective customer acquisitions,
  • targeted cross- and up-selling,
  • improvement in sales efficiency across all sales channels.


Cost reduction potential through

  • tighter, continuous business processes,
  • coordinated sales activities thanks to analytical sales management and strategic planning tools,
  • precise planning for direct marketing and advertising.

SAP Full Service Provider

Support from A to Z: plan-build-run

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