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Enterprise Content Management

All-in-one solution from a single source

Structure your business processes efficiently

Profound expert knowledge

Business processes under control

Generating information from data and knowledge from information is one of the core tasks of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The specialists from Swisscom ensure that your ECM system fully fulfils this task.

Your expert

Andreas Rohr

Head of Information Management

Sustainable knowledge sharing

Spreading knowledge and know-how in your company will help break organizational silos.

Regulatory compliance

This will support you in fulfilling compliance requirements according to your industry guidelines.


Sort data
  • Manage your whole marketing documentation (Digital Asset Management)
  • Consistent management of multimedia resources,meta-tagging of digital assets for ranking and easy retrieval.

Manage data
  • Ensure overall Enterprise data management in compliance with standards and legal requirements
  • Document versioning and traceability for compliance with robust audit trail.


Archive data
  • Payment invoices optimization to benefit from suppliers discounts and avoid late payments
  • Automated processing of supplier invoices, approval workflows, archiving with quick return on investment.

Secure data
  • Central and secure management of confidential company documents
  • Digitalized confidential documents, integrated seamlessly into your HR business processes to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Build Enterprise Content Management with success

We tailor the ECM solution to your sector, your business processes and your technological infrastructure, enabling you to fully utilise its benefits. The ECM service supports the entire lifecycle within your company: from the creation of new information, through its long-term archiving, to its deletion.

Control of your mailboxes

Dedicated platform to ensure a proper life cycle management of your business documents, archiving in a single repository, compliance with current standards.

Ensure traceability of information in case of a legal request

Data systematically and defensibly placed on legal hold, compliancy with preservation requirements, production of evidence in case of a legal case eg. eDiscovery solutions.

Our skills


Through a flexible, experimented and responsive team we accompany enterprise's customers in their digital transformation.


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Dokument-orientierte Beratungsservices

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