The solution that enables companies to organise their business processes in a digital, mobile and dynamic way

Enterprise Service Management is a service available to all companies looking for a simple solution to begin digitising their business processes. Enterprise Service Management is based on the ServiceNow product. It is a Software as a Service model and customised Swisscom services can be added to it. Intelligent and automated workflows between you and your customers or business partners help to cut down service times and enable resources to be used efficiently.

You can intuitively coordinate the processes within your company using the ServiceNow Cloud Portal on a single platform. As a result, the cloud takes over tasks such as security, synchronisation and monitoring. Interfaces can be integrated either on a cloud-to-cloud basis or, in the case of local systems, via web services and APIs.

Enterprise Service Management


Your expert

Yves Bingisser

Head of ServiceNow East

Increase efficiency and productivity within your company.

Intuitive user interface

Your employees can use real-time analyses to always stay on top of things.

Sensible use of resources

The portal simplifies project planning for your employees.

Motivated employees

You provide your employees with clear processes and smooth workflows.


you keep your infrastructure

you receive all this from a single solution

you take advantage of maximum security, at all levels

Integrate this product into your existing systems.

From analysis to pilot to project, operation and support - you have a single contact.

Thanks to the Swisscom Cloud infrastructure, transmitting data is simple and secure.

Possible applications in your company

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Getting started with ServiceNow

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With Service now, you run your processes without paper and without your own servers: you will be protecting the environment and simplifying collaboration.